Popular Taxi App Scripts

With the invention of Taxi apps, transportation became very easy and simple. Now people can easily commute from one place to other with the help of an app. You only need an app and you can book a cab anywhere, anytime.

And If you are an entrepreneur or startup then this taxi booking business may take you to great heights. If you want to venture into taxi booking business then this is the best time for you. Now a days everyone want safe, simple and luxurious drive, so they prefer taxi booking services like Uber, Lyft etc. As a result this business seems to be profitable and easy.

To start this type of business you don’t need much knowledge of transportation or any special skill. All you need is an Uber Clone Script or Taxi App Script. If you are new to this term, let me explain you in few words. Taxi App Script is a script with the concepts and features similar to Uber. Basically, it is a ready made solution for your taxi booking business.

If you will search google for popular taxi app script, you will find many ready made uber clone script. But you should choose one among them very carefully. To help you, I am going to share this blog with you. In this Blog I will tell you about the most popular taxi app scripts available in the market. So let’s check them in details.

  1. Apporio Taxi

Apporio Taxi is a taxi app script developed by Apporio Infolabs. Their taxi app script is very popular all around the world. If you will check their app in playstore, they have the highest number of downloads.

Their Uber Clone Script comes with various inbuilt features which are provided by all top taxi booking service providers like Uber. Apporio Taxi is easily customizable taxi app script which comes for both android and iOS platform. The complete taxi app solution comes with two apps and one admin panel with source code.

There are many other features and characteristics which make Apporio Taxi, one of the most popular app script. If you want to know more about this taxi app script, then check link below


  1. Applikeuber.com

Applikeuber.com is another popular taxi app script provider in the market. There taxi app script is a powerful clone script, with the help of which you can easily take your business to next level.

They have used latest technology in developing their uber clone script and their design is very attractive.

And If we look their app feature wise, they have all features available in their app. And most important thing, if you have any innovative idea or any type of feature you want to add in your app, you can do that easily in taxi app script provided by applikeuber.com.

Learn more: https://www.applikeuber.com

  1. Codecanyon.net

LaTaxi, the taxi app script by Codecanyon is popular uber clone script. This is one of the best script if you want to venture into taxi booking business. Their app also comes with three modules for both android and iOS platform.

La Taxi app can be customized to any extent. The app is integrated with third party API’s like social media integration, Payment Gateway and many more.

Learn More: codecanyon.net

So, if you are planning to start your own taxi booking business, these companies can surely help you in gaining high benefit in your business. If you have any query regarding your taxi app script you can contact anyone above. I hope they will surely help you.

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