Best Carpooling App Script

The idea of carpooling business is very simple and booming day by day. However, Carpooling not only helping in reducing traffic and cost but it also provide eco-friendly trips to customers while travelling. Now Taxi companies like Uber, Carma came up with the idea of carpooling service and they are on hike in Western Countries.

So, here in this blog we will discuss about the carpool business and from where you can built best carpool app. But before that you should know what carpool is?

Carpooling or Ridesharing is a type of ride where a driver pick up a passenger from a location that go to the same way he is going and passenger reimburse fuel costs. The main idea behind this concept is to save fuel cost and organize a group of people to go with. In this service the passenger will book a ride and share the ride with other riders who are going to the same way.

If you will search in google you will find many carpooling app development companies and websites but most of them don’t provide the services they claim to serve. Even if they will give you a proper app but there will be lots of bugs in their app.

Among them one of the best ridesharing solution for you is Apporio Taxi – An On Demand  ridesharing or carpooling app with rich and advanced features.

Salient Features Of Our Carpooling App Development

Our Ride Sharing App Script comes for both android and iOS users with rich features in it. Major features of our Ridesharing App are –

  • GEO Location – With the help of this feature your app can be used all over the world at the same time.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – making transaction for rides.
  • Social Media Integration – With this features you people can get access to your app using social media platforms.
  • Real Time Tracking – This feature will track booking and other processes in real time and get full reports using your carpool app.
  • Split Payment – With this advanced feature user may split their payments between two or more people.
  • Pickup Suggestions – With our On Demand Ride Sharing App users can choose among the best pickup location.

So these are few features which we provide in our carpooling app script. There are lots of advanced and enhanced features available in our ride sharing app script.

Overview Of Our Carpooling App Script

We provide 100% customizable and comprehensive ridesharing and carpooling app development solution with source code. Our App comes with three modules which are –

  1. Customer App

Customers are matched to car which is going in the same direction with a vacant place in it. The ride will be safe, reliable and cheap. Our experienced developers and designers have built ride sharing app for both android and iOS with an attractive UI.

  1. Driver App

The driver app module make it very easy for drivers to share their route with passengers. All information like details of pickup and drop are provided to driver using this module. The app comes with built-in navigation so that drivers can use map for navigating locations.

  1. Admin Panel

With the help of Admin Panel owners can easily keep their eyes on stats of drivers and customers. This will help you to manage driver registration, payments and you can check feedback and  send new offers to customers. The Admin Panel will help you in checking detailed information about drivers and customers.

Why Apporio Taxi as your Carpool Business?

Our ride sharing app script is fully white labeled and we will provide you a fully branded and custom app in which you can add more features in future. We have ready made clone script as a result you can start your ride sharing business as quickly as possible.

Our App supports multi currency and multi language as a result you can launch your business in multiple countries. Our app script is highly reliable, robust and scalable. We also provide you with 24 X 7 Customer Support Service.

The app will have payment gateway integration, analytics integration and notification integration support. So we are offering all essential features required in a carpool app to startups and entrepreneurs who wants to start their own ride sharing business at best price in the market.

Well, there are many reasons why you should start carpooling business and why you should choose Apporio Taxi – the best Uber Clone Script for your venture. Carpooling business is not old but Big Brand like Uber, Lyft have already occupied their niche and they are running their business successfully. And you can also do the same with your innovative business idea and our feature-rich carpool app script.

Our app script has quality design and User Experience. So, you can start your carpool business easily with our customizable and robust app script – Apporio Taxi. If you want to know more about our carpool app script, you can contact us anytime. We are always ready to solve your queries regarding carpool app development.