Android vs iOS vs Windows: Which is a better OS?

Mobile devices have become an important part of human life. Nowadays, every one owes one smartphone. Some prefer android phones, some prefer iOS and some like windows phone.

But do you know which is the best operating system among them? Well today in this blog I will discuss about pros and cons of all these operating system.

iOS developed by Apple as a mobile operating system  to manage hardware platforms and android was designed by Android Inc and later acquired by Google. Nokia is a major contributor of mobile telephone industry.

Let’s discuss this smartphone’s battle in  brief:

Design And Interface

In recent years there have been many changes in functionality, technology and look in each of the operating systems.

Basically, Apple has kept iOS same as 2007 while android and windows have bought various changes. With the introduction of Lollipop 5.0, android got its biggest design upgrade. The basics of android are similar as they used years ago.

iOS followed the same path as android. Apple provided app drawer, instead giving you only home screen filled with icons. iOS is simplest among all three operating system.

Windows phone have taken a completely different path. They introduced tiled interface, and you can resize them to display more information.

All these OS have a good design when it came to the home screen. You can easily bring up all notification with a swipe. People prefer android phone over iOS and windows phone when we talk about design.

App Downloads

When we talk about store, iOS, Android and Windows have different storefront. iOS has Apple Store, Android has Google Play and Windows has Windows Store.

Apple has dominated the app space a few years back. It’s app has perfect functionality and design. Whenever a new app or update was introduced it come first in Apple Store.

But, In recent years there was a lot of change in this market. Android now has many big name app and many of them are the first launch on play store only.

And, then comes the windows app. There are lots of app in windows store and many big player offering windows a great chance to grow. But, Window apps are not famous as android and iOS.

Pros and Cons

If we talk about security, no operating system is best. How much secure your smartphone is depends on the technology. Although there are many pros and cons in each type of operating system.

Android Operating System

  • Pro: Highly Configurable, Full control over privacy settings.
  • Cons: Weak “Out Of Box” Security.


  • Pro: Consistency And Reliability.
  • Cons: Higher price than android. Vulnerable to malware and hacking. No 100% security guarantee.

Window Operating System

  • Pro: Compatible with windows.
  • Con: Security performance is not good.

These are some pros and cons, and other differences between all three operating system. If we also talk about notifications, android is best in that. Android shows notification separately in a cleaned boxed section. iOS offer same but they are limited.


Well, among all three operating systems, I always prefer android. It has various factors which make it most desirable among all these operating systems. In android you can easily install custom launchers, icon packs and various widgets.

So, if you are going to buy a new smart phone for yourself or your loved ones, then you should go for android operating system. It’s not necessary, you can opt for any of these three operating systems. But, I like android phones.

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